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About Us 

In the near future, artificial intelligence will guide manufacturing lines at a super-human level. As cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence systems are increasingly widespread, that future is ever closer. We are a top team from Oxford University and Imperial College on a mission to create a universal artificial intelligence engine to automate mass manufacturing processes around the world.


We are committed to science and its practical applications to create value for our customers’ core businesses. We help them remain competitive in a digital world.


Create a Universal AI Engine to Automate Manufacturing 

Management Team

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Haidin Rashid Amin

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Co-Founder and CEO

Innovation Design Engineer

Entrepreneur and deep tech innovator with a passion for innovation. During his research at imperial college he  discovered a viable yeast adhesive for wood panel production and holds multiple patents.

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Adrien Hitz PhD

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Adrien Hitz PhD; Co-founder and COO

Statistician and ML/AI


Corin Hoad PhD

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CTO, Physicist and ML/AI

Pioneer in extreme value theory and manufacturing process automation. Working on applied AI applications in variety  of industrial processes including Steel, Wood industries.

Former CERN AI researcher in search for fundamental particles. Pioneered the automation of machine learning pipelines using reinforcement learning and Gaussian processes to optimise classifiers at Cern.

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